Friday, 30 May 2014

My Morning Skincare Routine

I am a strong believer in having a good skincare routine in order to achieve a good base for your makeup and to leave you looking your best at all times. Since my acne cleared up through taking Roaccutane, I have been taking extra care of my skin to ensure it stays blemish free, and so far so good. I am really happy with how my skin looks right now after years of suffering from pretty bad acne. Nowadays, I barely even have any scars! I try my very best to stick to my skincare routine and manage it 99.9% of the time but obviously, there are some days when you just can't be bothered or aren't able to do it. I always make sure I give my face a good wash in the morning though to get rid of the nastiness that has built up overnight. My morning routine is pretty simple and only consists of a couple of products.
This is the very first thing I put on my skin in the morning. I find that this face scrub is light enough for using every day but it still manages to brighten up my face and prepare me for the day. I don't feel properly awake until I have given my face a good scrub with this! It's also not overly scented which means that it would be suitable for quite a lot of skin types including sensitive. It takes away the excess oil which has built up on my face overnight and gives me a perfect blank canvas ready for makeup. I'm not sure how this would fair on dry skin because it's not something I really have so you may need to look in to that if you are thinking of trying it. Elemis is a fantastic brand which has amazing quality products and as the FreshSkin range is designed specially for younger people, it is slightly more inexpensive too even though it harbours the same quality. 
This non-drying toner works like a dream to further freshen up my face in the morning. The floral scent is heavenly and makes me feel very relaxed, although that is maybe not what I should be trying to achieve when I am up and awake at an ungodly hour getting ready for school! This is so soothing on the skin and just feels nice. It is very gentle and although it is scented, I think it would still work for many sensitive skins because of the natural ingredients.
As you can tell, I am all about injecting some life into my face in the morning to try and make it look like I actually got a good night's sleep when in reality I stayed up far too late reading my new book or planning blog posts. I wrote a full review on this here but just to sum it up quickly, this is a lifesaver for your face. Origins are right when they call it a 'shot of espresso for the skin'. And the smell... Oh, it is simply divine.

And that is pretty much it! I also slap on some lip balm usually if I can be bothered before applying any lipstick or lipgloss because I find it helps the overall look of it but I am constantly switching up which one I use and rarely use the same one two days in a row. There are so many that I like, it's too hard to choose just one! I am a fan of the Cherry Carmex though, it's fantastic. Stay tuned for my evening skincare routine which will be up in a few days time hopefully!

This is my 199th post, eeek! I can't believe I am almost at the 200 mark, it doesn't feel like I have wrote as many as that! I want to do something special and a little different for my 200th post, anything you would like to see?

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  1. I'm very jealous of your beautiful nails! Lovely short summaries of your morning skincare staples - I've got the GinZing eye cream but have yet to branch out to the rest of the range - I've read your review now and I think that I really need to try it out for myself to see whether it does wonders for my skin too!

  2. Thank you, it's the Soigne nail polish in Persimmon from the May Birchbox! I really recommend the moisturiser, you'll love it! x

  3. This sounds like a fab combo! I really want to try the moisturiser x

  4. The face wash sounds great

  5. It's really good, well worth the money! Plus it smells amazing x


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