Saturday, 24 May 2014

Pretty Stationery

One of my favourite things to buy is stationery, especially pretty notebooks. I usually don't have a purpose for the notebook when I buy it and end up filling it with random crap just so I can use it but it's one of those things that I can't resist. Paperchase is amazing for stationary bits and bobs and their Glasgow store on Buchanan street is HEAVEN. I've picked out my favourite things from their website to show all of my fellow stationary geeks out there, so sit back and sigh with joy as you look at the pretty things.

1. Summer Odyssey airmail tall slim notebook | £3.00 - This is such a sweet little notebook and so cheap too! Perfect for carrying around in your bag for little notes and reminders because it is so thin.

2. Summer Odyssey A5 flexi linen | £10.00 - I adore the print on this! I think I am going to have to order this one because it is just so lovely. I really like notebooks that don't have a stiff cover or spine so this was already right up my street before you even take into account how gorgeous it is.

3. Zanzibar pen pot trio | £8.00 - These would look really nice sitting on your desk with pretty pens and pencils in them, or even for your makeup brushes which is probably what I would use them for.

4. Summersville magnetic list pad | £5.00 - I am a major list person and love to have everything I need to do jotted down so I can tick it off when the task is complete. This one is especially useful because it has a magnetic back meaning you can stick it on to your fridge (or the side of your microwave like I do!) where it can be easily seen.

5. Taking Tea metal magazine file | £15.00 - This is another thing that I may just need to order. It would go perfect with the style of my room. I always have notebooks and magazines just dotted about my room so this would be good to tidy things up a bit and keep my surface clutter free (a rare occasion at the moment).

6. Lami Safari neon coral fountain pen | £16.00 - Nothing writes better than a good foundation pen. I like writing cards and things with fountain pens just for an extra touch because it looks so much nice than a regular ball point. If you have ever used a fountain pen you will also be aware of how nice it feels to write with because of how smooth it is. Writing has never been more enjoyable.

I have a feeling that this post was a bad choice for me because now I want to spend loads on stationary! If you are ordering from Paperchase, make sure you go through TopCashback as you will get 8.4% of your money back! My favourites are definitely number 2 and number 5. What's your favourite?

Also, I am thinking of switching to disqus for my comments but I'm not sure. What do you think? Do you use disqus instead of the normal blogger comment form? I've heard a few people say that they have noticed an increase in the number of comments since switching over, plus you are notified if someone replies. I never used to be a fan but now I'm on the fence!

Fun fact: I scratched my eyeball whilst typing this post a couple of days ago and spent 26 hours with a watery eye. Yep, a whole 26 hours and my eye refused to stop watering. 


  1. I love the slim notebook, Paperchase sells such cute things.
    Hope your eye is okay now!

    1. It's much better now, thanks! x

  2. Love a good stationary wishlist! Not that I have any need for any of it, but I want it all haha! I recently switched over to disqus, took a bit of getting used to (I'm a bit of a creature of habit lol!) but I think comments have increased which is quite nice x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. I really don't have much need for it either! That's good to know, I think I might take the plunge and switch over x


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