Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Kimye Wedding

Ahhhh. Weddings are one of the many things that make me happy so a wedding in the Kardashian clan was sure to make me smile (or should I say 'klan', we all know of there penchant for that letter). I have been looking forward to the day ever since Kim's previous 72-day marriage ended. Surely she will last a little longer this time before scaring the poor man off with her love for booty-injecting procedures - no wayyyy was she born with that behind. Kim K's nuptials with the legendary Kanye (cue Kimye appreciation nods) have been long awaited, mainly to see what the lovely bride would wear. And boy did she shine.

Clad in a stunning Givenchy Haute Couture gown to match the custom Givenchy tux, the newlyweds look every bit the perfect couple. (Plus, is that little North hiding the background with Kris and Bruce? Cuuuute.) I definitely like the back of Kim's dress more than the front. Plus, fake or not, her bum looks good. The guy peeking in from the side of that photo annoys me though, don't you agree?! Her makeup is equally as beautiful, with her trademark full lashes and nude pout in tow.

Just look at the glow on her cheeks. And her glossy locks. So. Much. Jealousy. Wearing her hair down made the backless dress slightly more tasteful and not too revealing and completed the look perfectly. I can't fault one thing about this wedding. 

I even managed to find a picture of the seven-tier wedding cake that was brought out at the reception. Oh boy. I wonder how much of that they actually ate. Did the Kardashians even eat a mouthful of it? Maybe they let their strict diet go for the night since it was such a special occasion. 

My favourite photo ever (besides the very first one I showed in this post). The photobooth caused Instagram to be flourished with pictures of celebs posing for the camera but nothing beats this one from the newlyweds. 

With a star-studded guest list and Beyonce performing for them, this wedding was definitely the most highly anticipated since Wills and Kate. What do you think, did Kimye get it right?


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