Tuesday, 17 June 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days

This type of post is common amongst us bloggers and so I have made up a list of 101 things that I would like to experience in the next 1001 days, starting today. I've also added it to my pages bar up above so that I can track my progress. That means you can come back to my list there and scroll through to see what has been scored out and what is yet to happen. It's basically a short-term bucket list. Some of them are obvious things, like learn to drive, whereas others are more obscure like sky dive and go on an elephant safari, but hopefully I will manage to do as many of them as possible!
Start date: 17 June 2014
End date: 14 March 2017

1. Pass my exams at the end of sixth year
2. Get in to university
3. Complete my charity/trekking expedition to Nepal and come back alive
4. Have 100 books stored on my Kindle
5. Do a sponsored run
6. Join a gym
7. Go to prom
8. Cook a meal from scratch
9. Go shopping in London
10. Go on  a 6th year holiday with my friends
11. Give blood
12. Get my legs waxed
13. Make my own smoothie
14. Kiss romantically in the rain
15. Go for a facial
16. Go to the cinema on my own
17. Complete my Platinum Youth Achievement Award (through attending my Peer Ed class)
18. Complete my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award
19. Reach 500 GFC followers 
20. Reach 500 Bloglovin followers
21. Watch a sunrise
22. Treat a friend to a meal
23. Take fun pictures in a photo booth
24. Move away from home
25. Be in a serious relationship
26. Donate some of my unwanted books to a charity shop
27. Blog once everyday for a month
28. Write a list of twenty things I like about myself
30. Write a book
31. Take up a new hobby
32. Become an organ donor
33. Go abroad myself
34. Go back to Paris
35. Attend a midnight movie showing
36. Give up chocolate for a whole month
37. Go to a music festival
38. Have a candlelit dinner
39. Stargaze
40. Sky dive
41. Visit Germany (my grandpa was German)
42. Give money to a busker
43. Read a Jane Austen book
44. Learn to speak another language
45. Study abroad
46. Knit a scarf
47. Find out my blood type
48. Be a member in the audience of a TV show
49. Meet someone famous
50. Go out with absolutely no makeup on
51. Go on a plane without my parents
52. Be a vegetarian for a week
53. Wear a skirt or dress every day for a week
54. Work somewhere other than a restaurant
55. Make soup
56. Get a new hairstyle
57. Take an IQ test
58. Say yes to everything for a whole day
59. Go on a blind date
60. Go on a double date
61. Learn to juggle with three things
62. Go to a fashion show
63. Read all the Harry Potter books
64. Go on a road trip
65. See Taylor Swift in concert
66. See a Cirque de Soleil performance
67. Watch 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
68. Post an OOTD every day for a week
69. Learn how to do fishtail braids
70. Make a cocktail
71. Host a party
72. Intern for a newspaper/magazine
73. Pass my first year at university
74. Read 'Wuthering Heights'
75. Host a second giveaway
76. Meet someone new through blogging (in person)
77. Post a video on youtube
78. Win a giveaway
79. Be tweeted by a celebrity
80. Learn to drive
81. Buy my first car
82. Keep in touch with people from my high school after I leave
83. Go out for New Year
84. Meet an author
85. Make a piece of jewellery
86. Go on an elephant safari
87. Attend a university open day
88. Babysit for someone
89. Keep my room tidy for a whole month
90. Successfully learn the art of liquid eyeliner
91. Buy a MAC lipstick
92. Own a Lulu Guinness bag
93. Find a suitable makeup storage system that I'm actually happy with
94. Phone in sick for work even though I feel fine
95. Phone in sick to a place that I don't even work at
96. Pull an all-nighter
97. Speak in front of a large group of people
98. See the pandas at Edinburgh zoo
99. Buy a tripod for my camera
100. Remain blogging
101. Write a letter to myself to be opened after the 1001 days are over

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