Monday, 23 June 2014

Guest Post: Chloe's Concept Campaign

Hi! My name is Chloe and I'm 21 from the UK!
I had the option to talk about whatever interested me for this guest blog post on Holly's blog and so I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about my campaign which is a project that is running on my blog!
I'm a Media and Communications undergrad student, about to go into my final year of uni in September! I study film, journalism, public relations (PR), radio etc., so I have no option but to have been thrown into the “media world” and I really do love it.
I've been wanting to start my campaign on my blog Chloe's Concept for awhile now and thought what better way to do it than to put it on my blog? My campaign is all about bullying, self-esteem, body confidence and anxiety related issues but really targets any problem that is making people feel negative about themselves or about life in general. My main reason for starting my blog was to provide a platform for people to come visit and feel safe and at home and know they are not alone.
I want to use the Internet for all the right reasons and reinforce positivity and motivation on my blog and campaign to help people who are going through any of the problems I have mentioned. My blog is a total safe zone. I provide beauty, hair, fashion, interior and lifestyle tips, tricks and reviews so you can have a little look at that if you prefer but you can also be a part of my campaign, whether it is to help yourself or to help others.
My motto for my campaign is “Take Back What's Yours” so whatever anyone else has taken away from you, whether it's your self-esteem, happiness, positivity, motivation and so on, NOW is the time to take back what belongs to you and never let anyone or anything take it away again!
It isn't as simple as just saying “let's stop bullying” or “let's stop people feeling anxious”, that's just silly. I get it, but what you can do is change the way people deal with their problems and help them to block the negativity and problems that is making people feel low about themselves. A point I will always remind people is “you control you” so just remember that!
I also run a little series on my blog where I pick random days of the week and write a post targeted to that, for example I've written a post called “Motivated Monday” where I talk about how you can boost your motivation on the day you're least likely to have any! I also created a post called “Wonder Wednesday” where I discuss your biggest dreams and how you can make them come true!
My motivation and determination is not stopping anytime soon so it would be amazing for everyone to know about it and get involved so we can put an end to letting negativity take away what belongs to us... whether that negativity comes in the form of a bully, a doubt in your mind, a past experience or anything that is taking away your right to be happy and motivated.
I provide my email, Twitter and Tumblr Ask links so you can email, tweet or ask me anything anytime you like and I will get back to you with my advice or even if you just want to chat about anything! I am always here to help and that is why I have created my blog campaign! My links are below!

Also, I am always looking for bloggers or anyone at all to interview or help out in my campaign so please do get in touch! I'd love to hear from you!

I hope you guys will come and visit my blog and let me know you've dropped by!

Thanks Holly for asking me to do this! x
My links:
Twitter: @ChloesConcept

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