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The Girl Behind The Blog: Heather from Hevzibev

You may or may not remember my previous interview posts (here and here) where I asked beauty bloggers a few 'get to know me' type questionsI am here again today armed with the same questions (and an extra one which I never thought of last time) to introduce you to one of my favourite blogging gals, Heather (brownie points to her for saying nice things about me in this interview).
1. Sum up your blog in three words.
Cute, girly, umm.. pink? (clearly I am a woman of many words)

2. What/who inspired you to start blogging?
Of course I am going to be a typical young beauty blogger here and say Zoe (Zoella) and Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) were the main reasons for the creation of my blog, when I found theirs a couple of years back. From that point onward I discovered there was a whole new network of people just like them and I adored the idea of making something I can look back on, I almost wanted it like an online diary to keep my thoughts on beauty.

3. Have you met any friends through blogging?
I'm not the social sort haha ;) of course I do have discussions with other bloggers, but I am really lucky to have met Holly who is fab, just like her blog. We used to have discussions on twitter before I happily waved the social media site that was slowly destroying my life and grades goodbye. However, I do like to keep up with her instagram, and I really hope that one day we might be able to meet! :)

4. What is your favourite thing to blog about?
Oooh, had I been asked this a couple of months ago, I would definitely have said makeup reviews or something similar. Although, ever since I have worked out how to take full-body pictures of myself I would have to say OOTD posts are my new favourite way to channel my obsession with clothes.

5. Your all time favourite product?
Definitely my Master Precise eyeliner from Maybelline. I cannot sing it enough praise and have repurchased it over 10 times!

6. What is the one makeup item you could not live without?
Eyeliner. I really wish I felt comfortable without it, but having worn it every single day for three years makes it difficult to break the habit haha. I dislike the shape of my eyes and much prefer the way they look with my signature cat eye. 

7. Favourite fashion and beauty brands?
My favourite beauty brands would probably be Maybelline, Rimmel and MAC, because it is absolutely impossible to pick just one. Maybelline because they do some great mascaras and eyeliners, Rimmel because I love most of their foundations and lip products and MAC because their eyeshadows and lipsticks are wonderful :) As far as clothing goes, at the moment it is definitely Topshop. On more than one occasion in the past couple of weeks I have severely damaged my purse in that shop, it really is becoming a problem, I just love everything in there. 

8. What is your proudest moment throughout your blogging life?
Of course there are several, obviously every time somebody takes their time to give a little comment it leaves little fuzzies in my tummy and it really does make me so happy and I appreciate it so much! Another would be Louise (yes, Sprinkle of Glitter) following my blog, and on Christmas day the year before last I was featured as 'editors pick of the day' on a blogging website called 'Bloggers' which has since closed down.

9. Any hopes for your blog in the future?
I really do love to blog and have no intentions of stopping! I would love to keep writing about what I love, hopefully continue to help my blog blossom and maybe I might even start a youtube channel one of these days? Who knows! :)

Thank you so much to Heather for taking part in this. You can read my answers to these questions on Heather's blog here! Also keep an eye out for the guest posts we will be doing for each other in July when I come back from Nepal.

Heather's links:

Thanks for reading! I highly recommend you hop on over to Heather's blog and have a nosey. Her recent OOTD post is delightful :)

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