Sunday, 8 June 2014

Top 5 Reads of the Week #2

This was a really great post by Corrie, one of my favourite beauty bloggers. It was so helpful with all things brows and gave some really great advice on how to get your brows looking their best in her usual witty language. She also gave some mini reviews on some brow products and shared some horror stories from her youth. I especially loved the part where she said her eyebrows don't follow the 'sisters not twins' rule and are instead 'questionable third cousins.'

I am a massive fan of Hayley's blog, especially when she writes about book. I am well and truly a bookworm and whenever she mentions books I always want to go straight out and buy it. Oh her powers of persuasion. I really enjoyed this post that she did about the books she read in May, in fact I am now considering doing something like this on my own blog next month! I love the sound of Severed Heads, Broken Hearts. I am definitely reading that soon.

Are these mini Marc Jacobs perfume bottles adorable or what. I never knew that there was travel versions of my fave perfume line available so I was delighted when I spotted this post on my feed! I wear Daisy Eau So Fresh a lot at this time of the year because I think it is just perfect for spring/summer because it is so sweet and floral-scented (hence the name). I will definitely be buying one of these if I am going away somewhere nice! They would also be great for days out for topping up on your perfume because they also come with a small refillable bottle which would fit nicely into your bag.

With Father's Day fast approaching, I am in need of some good ideas of what to get him! Why are men so difficult to buy for, especially dads? Women are so simple - pick them some nice bath stuff and they are sure to be happy. Men are a whole other story. This gift guide from Fleur is very helpful and has some great ideas in there for you to take inspiration from, although many of the things are a little on the pricy side. I did really like the card though, it sums up my life perfectly.

How incredible would a two week internship at heat magazine be. I am so jealous of Nicole right now and it sounds as if she is having a great time. I really enjoyed this post, as well as the other daily updates from the rest of this week, as it lets you see how magazines work and what kind of things the employees get up to on a daily basis. It sounds like so much fun and confirmed that my dream is definitely to work in an area such as this one.

- Holly xo

*The photos in this post are not my own and in fact come from the blog posts in which I have linked to.

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