Monday, 14 July 2014

Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohls

I'm not really a big eyeliner person and it is very rare that I actually wear it, but I do like to make an effort for special occasions and parties and that's when it does come in handy. The Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohls are perfect for events and exciting days out because they come in so many different colours so you can match them to any outfit. That being said, there only seems to be two shades online so maybe have a look in your local Boots for the other ones.

These eyeliners are super easy to blend across your eyelid for a smoky look which I love. They are also pretty soft so it doesn't tug at your skin and make your eyes feel sensitive and red. They can also be worn on the waterline but I find the staying power isn't quite as fabulous when you do so. It is still a very nice look though, albeit not one that I wear often as I feel wearing any colour of eyeliner on my eyes makes them look teeny tiny and frankly a bit weird. 

My favourite is the purple shade. It makes such a change from wearing the usual black or brown and it really makes your eyes 'pop', for lack of a better word. Not meaning to blow my own trumpet or anything but it looks quite nice with my hazel eyes and really brings out the green in them. I draw a little bit along my eyelid near my lashline and smudge it out slightly, then add lashings of mascara and voila! A perfect night out look. 

These eyeliners retail for £5 each in Boots.

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