Monday, 11 August 2014

ANOTHER new bag?

I've always been a lover of handbags but lately I seem to have taken that to a whole new level. Just a mere few weeks after buying my beloved orange Modalu Pippa bag (see it here in my July favourites), I picked up this little number in New Look when I was meant to be shopping for school clothes. In no way did I need this new purchase but it was calling out to me. It was the last one on the rail and I couldn't just leave it there, could I?!

It's a lot simpler than my Modalu because of it's neutral colour. Bright orange doesn't exactly go with every outfit but a pretty tan colour does. For only £24.99, it feels like good quality stuff that will be able to handle the pressure of carting around all of my junk. I'm starting to get in to slightly bigger bags rather than cross body styles because I like being able to fit more in there than just my purse, my phone and a few makeup necessities. An umbrella for a start, since summer came and gone that quickly and we are back to the Scottish rain that we know so well. 

As much as I do still love my Pippa, it's nice to have an option! 


  1. This is a gorgeous bag! It is like the perfect size as it would fit everything you need in without being too big. I think I am going to have to make a little trip to New Look now... x

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  2. You should! I couldn't find it online so if you are looking for it, it would need to be in store. Hope you find it! xx

  3. This bag is lovely, so versatile!

  4. I agree, it goes with everything!


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