Friday, 15 August 2014

Back To School: The School Bag Beauty Essentials

The return of school is slowly creeping up on us. Sigh. The only thing I love about going back to school is the buying of the new clothes and stationery and organising my new school bag. The rest I try not to think about. Like the exams...

I always carry a few bits and pieces in my school bag for topping up on makeup and other beauty emergencies. It's always the days that I forget to pack it that I need it the most! Here's what I carry around with me.

POWDER: Classrooms can sometimes be warm and stuffy so you want to have powder with you to blot away that shine, especially if you have naturally oily skin. Powder is a quick fix to spruce up all of your makeup and makes it look fresher, rather than like you applied it hours ago (which you probably did). It's also great for helping your makeup to last longer so it doesn't slide off your face by the end of the day.

CONCEALER: It's always handy to carry around your concealer to top up on coverage on any problem areas, such as spots and dark circles. Concealer doesn't often last very long on spots and the redness can seep through very quickly. A small dot on the very inner corners of your eyes can help to wake up your whole face when you start to crash - you did get up early after all.

MASCARA: This isn't really necessary for everyone. I find that my eyelashes droop after a little while because they don't hold a curl very well so sometimes I like to add a little extra mascara half way through the day. I don't always do this, only when I feel I really need it. It's still a handy thing to carry around just in case. You never know when you might need it!

LIP BALM: Dry, chapped lips is not a good look so always keep some sort of lip balm to hand. Even if you bring a lip gloss, it's better than nothing at all. I like to use a tinted one just because I like how it looks. A little bit of colour without being too full on.

MIRROR: You'll need a mirror for all your makeup top-ups!

HAIR BOBBLE AND HAIR GRIPS: Sometimes when I am wearing my hair down, it gets on my nerves and I fiddle with it and fiddle with it before giving up and sticking it in a ponytail. It's always handy to carry a hair tie or two for these very occasions, or at least some hair grips to pin some pesky bits back.

DEODORANT/BODY SPRAY: This one is pretty self explanatory. You wouldn't want to sit next to a smelly person in class so don't subject another pour soul to that. 

And there we have it!

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