Sunday, 3 August 2014

July Favourites 2014

Sorry for being a little MIA the past week or so. My sister, brother-in-law and nephew are over visiting from America at the moment (they leave monday, booo) so I have been kept busy between them and working. July has been one busy month for me, definitely the most fun-filled this year! I was away in Nepal for most of it (photos are on their way, I promise) so I haven't really had much chance to try any newbies out and I didn't use many products while I was there. That means a short and sweet favourites list!

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner - £12.00
I'm going to be honest here...I am not skilled in the art of applying liquid eyeliner. That being said, I love this one. It is so easy to use - if I can do it then anyone can! It stays put all day without smudging and glides on so smoothly. It's the first liquid liner that I have used and actually been happy with the result. It's super affordable too.

Elemis FreshSkin Skin Clear Mattifying Moisturiser - £21.00
My skin isn't anywhere near as oily as it used to be (thank you Roaccutane) but even so, it still needs a top up of powder throughout the day as my makeup gradually slides off my face. This moisturiser removes the need for this extra powder and I find that I don't actually need to powder throughout the day at all most days. It still gives my face a thorough moisturise but because it is so light, it doesn't sit on my skin and make it extra greasy.

Nivea Cashmere Moments Cream Shower Oil - RRP £1.99 (currently £0.99)
Oh my days this smells heavenly. It has a 'sensual scent of orchid blossom' and sensual it sure is. It makes my skin feel unbelievably soft not only when I am rubbing it in but also after I have stepped out of the shower. No need to spend a fortune on a fancy shower gel when good ol' Nivea come out with this baby.

Modalu Mini Pippa Grab in Orange Lizard - RRP £199.00 (see other colours here)
If it wasn't considered insane in society, I would declare my love for this inanimate object. I bought this in the sale on the Modalu website (unfortunately it is now out of stock but you may find it full price elsewhere if you really love it) for only £99.50 which is an incredible price for a Pippa. I wasn't sure how much I would dig the colour but it turned out so much prettier than I was expecting. It's more of a burnt orange I would say, whereas I was expecting a brighter colour. I also thought I would have no clothes to go with it but luckily for me there seems to be more in my wardrobe than I thought. I highly recommend checking out the sale on the Modalu website whenever one comes around because you can pick up some incredible bargains. There are a few bits and bobs left which you can browse here.

How did you spend your July?

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