Monday, 18 August 2014

Nail Polish Collection: Pinks

I think it is about time I showed my entire nail polish collection. It's a big one (I have a bit of an obsession), which is why I am splitting it up into different colour categories. First up is the pinks which is probably my favourite one. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for blues/greens, reds/oranges/yellows, purples, darks, nudes and sparkles - yep, I have that many that they have to be split into SEVEN different blog posts. Holey moley.

I bought a set of these nail wheels on ebay for less than £2 and they have come in so handy. They are great for helping to decide what colour to paint my nails because I can just take a look at the different wheels and see which one suits the mood I am in. Just search 'nail wheels' to buy your own.

(see above for the corresponding swatches)

1. Liz Earle - Pink Perpetue (creme)
2. Ciate - Knickerbocker glory (creme)
3. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine - Pomegranate (creme)
4. Nails Inc - China Town (pearl)
5. Missguided - Misschevious (creme)

6. Nails Inc - St James (creme)
7. Sinful Colors - Forget Now (shimmer)
8. Bev Ridge & Friends - no shade name (creme)
9. Nails Inc - Kew Bridge (creme)
10. Colour Unlimited - no shade name (creme)

11. Essie - Secret Story (creme but quite sheer)
12. Sinful Colors - Cream Pink (sort of matte)
13. Company - Cara (creme)
14. No7 - Cheeky Chops (creme)
15. Rimmel - Magenta Magic (shimmer)

16. Tanya Burr - Bright & Early (creme)
17. Ciate - Kiss Chase (creme)
18. Collection 2000 - Hoola Hoop (creme)
19. Barry M - Dragon (creme)
20. Colour Unlimited - no shade name (creme)

This would have been a very long blog post if I had reviewed each of these nail polishes, so if you would like to know what I think of any of them let me know in the comments and I will reply with a quick overview! Stay tuned for the rest of my nail polishes, coming soon.

What's your favourite colour to wear on your nails?


  1. Oh my, I've never seen one person own so many shades of the same colour haha. You must love your nail polishes! :)

  2. My mum said the same thing haha! They really are all pretty much the same :)


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