Friday, 8 August 2014

Nepal in Pictures Part 1: ABC Trek

As you know, I spent three weeks in Nepal at the start of July. It was honestly the best three weeks of my life and I already can't wait to go back and visit the inspiring people that I met and see more amazing sights. I have so many photos to show you all so I've broken them up into different events that occurred. First I am showing you some snapshots from the eight-day trek to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) which stands at around 4200m. Let me tell you, I have never been so physically challenged in my whole life. We spend around eight hours a day hiking. I never realised how many steps there would be, I have never been so sick of seeing step after step after step. I would gladly never climb another set of steps in my life. Now that the trek is over I feel pretty damn proud of myself for achieving it. We walked just over 160km!! That's a helluva lot. 

We stopped for breakfast at a cafe (if you can call it that) at the bottom of the mountains before we started the trek. We had chapatis and honey which is a weird combination but strangely, it works. 
We hadn't been walking for long when we saw this gorgeous waterfall. It was stunning in the morning sun.
Some of the group a few days in to the trek. Notice I am the only one in this picture without a rucksack - I fell that morning when I didn't have contact lenses in and cut open my toe and it was gushing with blood. Yeah, ouch.
One of many scary suspension bridges. The boys found it hilarious to jump on it when we got to the very middles. The girls did not see the humour, believe it or not.
Apparently there was a sheer drop over the edge but we were so high up in the clouds that we couldn't see a thing. A scary thought for someone as clumsy as me.
We came across an ice cave which was pretty cool. It was all carved out and freezing to stand inside.
One of the rooms I slept in whilst on the trek. We stayed in places called tea houses every night which sound more glamorous than they actually are. This one especially was filled with every bug known to man.
Almost at the top. The sun hitting the mountain peaks is pretty amazing to see.
The pointed peak you can see here is a famous Nepali mountain called Fishtail.
Group photo at the top
Hanging our prayer flags at Base Camp with the help of one of our Nepali guides. He scaled that rock in his bare feet!
Finally, after a long time trying to get them to stay put, our prayer flags hung beautifully.
The view of Base Camp from where we hung the flags.
The surrounding mountains at ABC.
The sun came out and shone on this valley which was carved out by a glacier over thousands of years.
The previously mentioned glacier.
You can just about see the rainbow that appeared after the rain went off and the sun came out. 
Just after the sunrise at base camp the next morning.

If you are in to trekking, or even if you have never tried it before, I highly recommend Nepal as your next destination!


  1. This looks awesome. What company did you go with & was it expensive? My 16 year old daughter would love to do something like this. Good for you seeking such brilliant experiences out xxx

  2. We went with a company called Adventure Lifesigns who were great to work with. It cost £3200 each but we got a lot of that back for our budget for hotel rooms, food, activities etc. It seems a lot of money but it's all fundraised. We actually managed to fundraise the whole amount so only had to pay for our kit. You should suggest it to her school and get a whole group to go, it's an amazing experience. We did elephant safaris, helped in a school, did sightseeing and of course our trek. It was fab! xxx


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