Saturday, 23 August 2014

Nepal in Pictures Part Two: Charity Project

I have more Nepal photos to show you today, this time of our charity project which took place in a school in Bhaktapur, an area of Kathmandu. This was one of my favourite parts of the whole trip because we got to meet all the kids and they are all just so lovely. It's actually a school set up by a charity, which I forget the name of now, because you have to pay for education in Nepal and so they set up this one for those who can't afford it. It broke my heart to see these little kids running home from school in the rain because they couldn't afford jackets. One day a girl from my group gave this other girl an umbrella to use because it was raining so heavy, meaning for her just to keep it, and the girl walked home then walked back to the school with an umbrella of her own to give the first umbrella back and then all the way back home again. The thing that really got me was her umbrella she got from her house to walk back was this old raggedy thing that barely kept the rain off her. Bless her.

We received a warm welcome to the school with some of the older kids coming in wearing their uniform on their day off. We were given a scarf, a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a red dot on our foreheads.
The flowers that I was given, all wrapped up in a leaf.
Two of the cutest kids I have ever seen.
Hard at work building a wall. It's tough work in that heat, trust me!
Top cement mixing team. I have one burnt arm from falling asleep on a bus with my harm out the window!
They had an assembly sort of thing every morning before classes start where they sing a couple of songs, one of which I am assuming is the national anthem, and they also do some weird actions. Here is a boy from our group joining in, and not really knowing what he is doing...
My favourite class - the four year olds. The one you can see at the front on the bottom left is stunning. Her eyes are gorgeous.
We brought a football and may have disturbed their work whilst playing with it in the classroom...
This little boy is only five years old yet can write his name in perfect English, and it isn't even his first language.
"My name is Suradra Maji."
Teaching Nepali kids how to make loom bands - they were fascinated by them! The one at the front with two braids looking down made me one which I will treasure forever. 
This girl on the left is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She gave me a friendship bracelet which is still tied on to my wrist. I'm probably going to butcher the spelling of her name here but I'm just going to write it as it sounds - Bosara. She was just lovely.
Notice it says it was established in 2017 - they are on a different calendar from us. I only discovered that after finding out one girl was born in 2065!!
The school is literally just a hut with bars for windows, surrounded by sand, but the kids don't seem to mind.
The wall is a work in progress, as you can see here.
Look at them all standing so upright and proper! They acted as though we were celebrities and got so excited when we asked them for a photograph.
Teaching a maths class and number sequence.
Our part of the wall complete! I mixed all of that cement you know, just imagine how much my arms were burning afterwards! Once other schools from the UK have been out, this will be a 6ft perimeter wall to keep the school more secure and the children safer. 
As you can see, these kids really don't have much but they appreciate everything that they do have and make the most of it. They learn in what is basically a hut yet try their best and study hard, and that is just so inspiring. They want to do well in school and try and create a better life for themselves, which makes me feel a bit ungrateful for everything I have. You take so many things for granted until you see how little other people have. I can't wait to go back out and see the project finished and see the kids again. See you in a couple of years, Nepal!

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