Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Outfit: Fun in the Sun

What a beautiful day it is in Scotland today. Unfortunately, the majority of it was spent in school but I have arrived home now and changed into this little outfit to go and visit some family tonight. The weather has been pretty dire recently to be quite a honest, so a break from that has been very heavily welcomed! I even took my outfit photos outside because it was such a lovely day, and I really like how they turned out. Just look at that blue sky!

Top  -  Dorothy Perkins  /  Cami  -  New Look  /  Jeans  -  Zara  /  Wedges  -  Rocha John Rocha @ Debehams

Don't look too closely at my toenails, they are needing painted so bad. There is a massive chip in my left big toenail so from a distance it looks like it is just really short. And the last picture started off as an attempt to take a selfie but ended up as a picture of me looking down because the sun was hurting my eyes too much. I was in desperate need for some sunglasses. 

This top is one I recently purchased in the Dorothy Perkins sale for only £10 in Debenhams. It looked pretty on the rail but I liked it even better when I tried it on with this beige cami because then you can really see the flowers as they are surrounded by sheer sections. These jeans from Zara are super comfy, apart from the fact that they are falling down and I need to hike them back up every two seconds (belts annoy me). And finally, my wedges are from a brand that I associate with old ladies, sorry if that offends anyone, but these are not old lady shoes. They are my new favourites and they go with everything. If only the summer wasn't over and I could get more use out of them. The one downside to them is the front arcs up slightly so you kind of rock on them if you get what I mean, and it makes them a little difficult to walk in despite not being very high. You just have to be very careful when putting your feet down. 

I think it is about time I had a drink in the sun now, don't you? How are you spending your day?

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