Tuesday, 30 September 2014

5 Favourite iPhone Apps

I'm going ahead and calling this my favourite iphone apps, even though I don't own an iphone. I do, however, own an ipod which is essentially the same thing without the phone bit. I don't have a massive number of apps on my phone but I do have some that I frequent more often that others and I am going to share those with you today.

1. Instagram: This is such an obvious choice but it's my favourite app by far. I love scrolling through people's pictures, be that someone I know personally or blogs that I follow or even just random accounts. It amazes me how good some people are at photography, without even seeming to make a huge effort. My life motto: everything looks better with a filter on it. You can follow my personal account here or my blog account here (shameless plug). 

2. VSCO Cam: Sticking to the same theme, I've had my instagram account for a while now so I am a little sick of using the same filters all the time. This is a really good free app that you can use to simply edit your photos (brightness, contrast, rotate, crop etc) or apply a filter which is different and a bit more exciting than those Instagram has to offer. 

3. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood: My guilty pleasure. I don't know what it is about this game that it is so addictive, because when you think about it it isn't really that exciting, but I could spend hours playing it if it wasn't for the fact that my energy runs out (not my actual energy, my energy in the game - I'm not that unfit). 

4. Bloglovin: I think I might be in the minority who still reads a lot of blog posts on Blogger but I do love this app for flicking through when I'm not on my laptop. I don't follow all of the same blogs as I do with GFC so I get to read some different posts and it's also just really convenient for when you are on the go. I just wish it was more like the website where you could see your own profile, blog posts and followers etc.

5. Twitter: I spend many an hour mindlessly scrolling through Twitter when I have much better things to be doing with my time. I love Twitter because celebrities and people you know in real life all have so it keeps all the gossip neatly in one place. You can pretty much guarantee that any big scandal appears on Twitter within minutes of it happening, with varying degrees of accuracy. It's also a really fab community for bloggers because you can get involved in the weekly chats, post links to your latest blog posts and see other peoples and keep up with your favourite blogger's daily lives which are so much more exciting than your own. Follow me personal account (@HollyMckie) here and my blog account (@hollylabeaublog) here.

Any suggestions for new apps for me to download?

Twitter - Instagram - Bloglovin


  1. i had a serious addiction to the kim Kardashian game haha, I have proudly avoided playing it for about a month now! I highly recommend two dots, its so cute and its really addictive :)

  2. I don't know how you have managed that! Ohh never heard of that, I'll check it out! x


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