Monday, 22 September 2014

Makeup-Free Confidence | #ProjectBareAll

I only just started reading Megan's blog (Thumbelina Lillie) but one of the first posts I read of hers was a project that she decided to start called Project Bare All. The idea is that you upload a picture of you with absolutely no makeup on and accept your natural beauty, spots and all, and improve your confidence. I think it is a fab idea and I completely admire Megan for doing it, and want to show my support by joining in.

I have worn makeup for years now, and I am only sixteen years old (almost seventeen, woopee!). It started off as a way to make me feel older and more mature and evolved into a crutch that I now rely on every day. I am a little bit ashamed to admit that I can't leave the house without makeup because I simply don't feel comfortable with it. It feels like everyone is looking at me and judging me and I have actually got to the stage where I don't feel like myself when I don't have makeup on and that isn't right. I hear people talking about how they love the feeling of taking makeup off at the end of the day but I feel perfectly comfortable with sitting in the house with a full face of makeup on. Because I suffered from quite bad acne for a while, I got so used to covering my face up that even now my acne is all cleared about from the odd spot or two when it gets to that time of the month, I am in the habit of putting on my foundation and concealer and a whole load of other products every morning. Truth be told, my skin isn't really that bad at the moment. I have a few marks from spots that are going away and I got a good night's sleep so my usually prominent dark circles have faded a bit. There is also the fact that my camera is actually portraying my skin in a very complimentary matter. It looks worse in person, trust me.

What I need to learn is that it is okay to nip round to the supermarket with no makeup on. It's okay to skip the foundation on days when I am short on time. It's okay to take that extra fifteen minutes in bed and sacrifice the makeup for some much needed sleep. I might not be able to do it yet, but I know that I will get there in the future and be comfortable with the skin I am in.

Thank you so much for reading, posts like this are surprisingly difficult to write. Join in on the project and share your bare-faced selfies on your blog and/or social media sites using #ProjectBareAll.

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  1. Amazing post! :))))


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