Monday, 15 September 2014

One Direction Our Moment

I've nothing against One Direction, in fact I quite like them, but a group of five boys coming out with a perfume is just a clear money-making scheme. And no doubt they made millions from it when all the little girls demanded for it last Christmas after it was released (guilty). In a surprising turn, it is actually one of my favourite perfumes and I alternate it with my Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh as my daily perfume. I've had it for so long, like I said, but because it is an 'eau de parfum' you really only need two squirts at the most for quite a strong whiff of it. It's quite a sweet, flowery, fruity perfume (I am crap at describing scents) which is right up my street. 

The bottle is also pretty for sitting pride of place on your dressing table, as it does mine. I'm assuming that the cap is meant to resemble a crown, which I actually like. They've now come out with That Moment which has a similar bottle, but without the net bit at the top. I've smelled the new version of it and to be honest, there isn't a whole lot of differences between the two. 

If you are a fan or Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang, you'll like this fragrance. Even if you aren't eleven years old and you don't burst into tears whenever you see the boys on TV. 


  1. I nearly bought this a while back on impulse after reading several reviews. It sounds like a scent I would like but I haven't had a chance to test it out so I decided to hold off. I also figured that so many girls would smell exactly the same haha. I like the shape of the bottle, not too sure about the cap!

  2. It is a really nice perfume so you should test it out if you do get the chance! If you aren't a fan of the netted part of the cap, maybe go for the newer version as it is a similar style without the net x


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