Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Secret Santa Gift Guide: Gifts for under £5

Secret Santa is a fun thing to do at Christmas time with a group of friends or workmates. This year, I'm doing it with both sets of people! Basically, all the participants' names go into a hat and you choose one at random to buy a present for, then spend no more than the previously decided budget. This is a great idea for if you are a little low on cash, which most of us are at this time of year. I have put together some bits and bobs that you could give someone this Christmas as 'Santa'. Better yet, they are all under £5. The budget for my work is £10, so you could even combine a few things together and get a little bit more. It's surprising how much you can actually get for your money when you look hard enough! Lucky for you, I've done all the searching for you. Sorry though, I ain't paying for it too. 


  1. Great inspirations dear!! Under 5? Thats great!!

    xoxo Colli || my Blog - TOBEYOUTIFUL || Bloglovin

  2. Great choices, can be hard to think of things which are under £5

  3. I know, you would never guess they are so cheap!

  4. Thanks, I thought so too so I put this together to give people some ideas for some smaller gifts!

  5. These are really good ideas! Especially the notebook, never though about that! :)

  6. Thank you! It's really cute isn't it, and Paperchase makes good quality stuff x


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