Tuesday, 23 December 2014

5 Favourite Christmas Songs

Oh I do love a good Christmas tune. Nothing gets you more in the festive spirit like it! I have many, many favourites but I have managed to whittle it down to just five for you today in the run up to Christmas. Can you believe it is so soon? Nope, neither can I. Click the links to listen to them on YouTube!

My absolutely favourite Christmas song of all time. It is just so catchy and makes me feel like I really am Mariah Carey when I am singing along to it with all my might in the car. That being said, have you seen the video of her singing at the Rockefeller Center in New York this December? Even I could sing better than that, Mariah, and that definitely is saying something. What that vid here.

I had never actually heard of Boney M until I googled who sang this song, but if Google says that's who sang it then it must be right. There is just something about this song that makes you just HAVE to sing along. The 'oh my lord' bit really gets me going (not a nice sight or sound).

A true classic. If you've never seen the music video for this then I recommend you go watch because it is so cheesy that it's hilarious. That Santa is just terrifying, and there is some seriously cringey dance moves and bad haircuts happening. 

I know every single word of this song, I just love it so much! "Now I know, what a foooool I've been..."

This is a new addition to my top five this year, but I loved the song before these two covered it anyway so really it is has been on it for a while. The video for this is so damn cute with the two little kids, especially the mini Bublé! I really like the X Factor performance they did of this a few weeks ago, they looked like they were having great fun up there on the stage. 

What is your ultimate Christmas tune?

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