Monday, 15 December 2014

A Block Heel Obsession

Who knew high heels could ever be so comfortable? I have found the most perfect high heels ever and, believe it or not, I can walk in them just fine.

These block heeled shoes from New Look are not only a bargain at the reduced price of £14.50, but are also the comfiest heels you will ever own. Despite their being no platform at the front (a recipe for disaster for the likes of me who can barely last half an hour in heels) they don't hurt the balls of your feet and leave you aching for days after a night out. The block heel makes for an easy and pain-free(ish) night, and you barely feel like you are wearing heels at all - apart from the fact you are a good few inches taller than your usual height.

They don't look anywhere near as nice on the New Look website and, to be honest, I probably wouldn't have picked them from that picture. Luckily, it was in the shop that I spotted them and it was love at first sight (seriously). Plus, they don't fit the model in the picture and that is NOT a good look. Not exactly selling them well, New Look.

Even though they aren't glitzy and sparkly, these are perfect shoes for a festive night out and you can dance to your heart's content! The icing on the cake is that they can be worn all year round because they aren't sequin city. They are just sounding better and better, am I right?

Grab a pair for yourself here. They also come in other colours which has honestly made my day, although only the black and nude are reduced. Saying that, I would still pay £19.99 for them and not think twice about it. Be quick, there isn't many sizes left in some of the colours!


  1. These are really nice, can't beat New Look for heels! I normally go for platforms, always easier to walk in!!

  2. I usually do as well but these are just so easy to walk in surprisingly, considering there is no platform!


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