Wednesday, 24 December 2014

December Birchbox: The Sophia Webster Edition

It's Christmas eve! Blogging stops for nothing, not even on Christmas eve. It's a full time job but we love it anyway, eh?

I wasn't actually planning on getting the December Birchbox - the bank balance is already strained, it is Christmas after all - but I forgot to cancel the subscription after last month's box arrived so hey ho, here it is. This month's box is a special edition one in collaboration with Sophia Webster, with a festive 'put on your party shoes' theme. I like.

"Life is too short. Buy the shoes!" New life motto.

I haven't really tried anything out yet so this is just a first impressions type thing and a peak inside the box, rather than a full review. I would say I will write a full review of each of these products later, but I suck at keeping those promises so I won't bother.

Sophia Webster Purse | £25
I can't start this by saying anything other than IT STINKS. I have the box here next to me as I write this snuggled up under my duvet and all I can smell is that damned purse. It's like a horrible, sort of cheap burnt plastic smell. Ew. Apart from that, it looks nice enough! It is a perfect size for nights out when you some cash on you but you are only carrying a small clutch bag. I don't understand why it says £25 on the card though as it is only £10 on the Birchbox site. Someone please enlighten me if you know.

Ilsci Organics Gel Mask | £39.95
This mask is made from rose petal and is meant to use 'natural actives and a smoothing gel formula to smooth and rejuvenate.' I like the sound of that! I took a little peak in the tub and it is a really interesting formula and quite runny. I am looking forward to trying it, although I doubt I will ever buy it at that price unless it completely blows me away!!

Electric Hair Electric Hydrate Shampoo | £17.50
This apparently helps to repair damage and improve shine, something I definitely need considering the state of my mop. However, I'm not one to believe that the shampoo you use really makes a difference to the overall look of your hair, I reckon it's all about the conditioner. Therefore, I wouldn't spend £17.50 on a full size of this shampoo but I sure will try it out!

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Gilt or Smoke | £8
I'm not actually sure which shade of this I actually own because it doesn't say anywhere on it but I assume it is Smoke because that just seems more likely, doesn't it? I don't really know how I will get on with this as I am not a massive fan of eyeliner in general, especially black. This just seems like it has a really thick tip so I will just end up with awful panda eyes. I may need some practise with this before I wear it out in public or that may end up being incredibly embarrassing. 

Benefit Christmas Cracker - High Beam | £19.50
I already have the full size of this so I know that I love it, but this cute little dinky size will be perfect for taking on nights out when I feel I need a touch up on the glow or for a weekend away to cut down on the overflowing travel makeup bag. Plus, how cute does it look made up like a Christmas cracker?!

Models Own Nail Polish in Absinthe | £5
SUCH A PRETTY COLOUR. Wow, I just love the look of this. Even though I own every other nail polish under the sun, I have never actually tried a Models Own one so I am really looking forward to using this! It is apparently matte yet sparkly, which I am not sure I understand, but I do like the sound of a velvety finish. The packaging is just wow. It tops it all off, with the lovely velvety lid. Love. It.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil | £16.50
I am not entirely sure of what I am going to do with this because it tells you to massage 2-3 drops into any dry patches, but I don't have any dry patches. This may be on route to my mother who will probably have more use for this than I do.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with this box because there is a good range of things to try out from haircare to makeup and nails, among other things. Some things I am not so sure about, like the Eyeko eyeliner, but generally it has been worth the money because you are getting some pretty pricey things in there (despite not meaning the spend it in the first place - off to cancel the subscription now).


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