Saturday, 27 December 2014

Festive Shellac Nails

Merry Christmas (sorta - a little late, eh)! I hope you all had a lovely time with your families and friends and drank/ate enough for at least two people. I sure did. I have been spending my time nursing a very full stomach after mahuuuusive meals that has left me feeling uber bloated and pukey. I also went to the sales yesterday and treated myself to a few goodies, although I am a little disappointed at the lack of nice things in some of the shops like River Island. A lot of the things that are actually reduced are the stuff no one wants - go figure.

I'm still allowed to talk about festive nails after Christmas, right? It doesn't matter anyway, because these nails are just too gorgeous to not be showcased. Are they not just the prettiest nails you have ever seen?  I headed down to my nearest beauty salon almost two weeks ago with an idea in my head that I wanted something red and glittery for the Christmas period, and left with nails lovelier than I could have ever imagined.

CND Shellac is a brand of gel nail polish that you set with a UV light and it lasts for 2-3 weeks.  It is a pretty genius idea for the likes of me who can barely keep nail polish on a few days before it getting chipped.  This, however, does not chip and stays glossy until you remove it (by soaking it in pure acetone), unlike normal nail polish which can lose its shine within a few days.  It is slightly expensive but boy is it worth it. Mine are still going strong with no chips and although you can see they are starting to grow out slightly, they still look pretty perfect to me. 

Of course you can buy a kit and do gel nails yourself at home but you never get the same effect as you do when it is done by a professional, although I have always wanted to give it a go myself.  I love the falling glitter effect that she gave me.  It is just regular glitter patted on and then sprinkled at the tips and it really stands out, especially in daylight.  I think I might actually be in love.

Have you tried gel nail polish before? If you haven't, why the hell not?!


  1. These look gorgeous! I love gold and red together. I have a gelish kit so I can give myself a manicure at home, but you are so right about it not being the same. Mine never turn out as good as professional ones which is so annoying! I need to find a way to make mine last longer x

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  2. So do I, it looks so Christmassy doesn't it! I would still like a go myself but like you say, I'm not sure if it would look as good! If the kits weren't so expensive to buy I would just go for it x

  3. I went sales shopping too yesterday and agree completely about River Island - it was awful. I was hoping to find a new purse and everyone that i came across that i liked was damaged :(

    I absolutely love your nails, they're so pretty!

  4. I was in the exact same position! There was only about 2 purses left at 11am and the one I really really liked was all bashed at the popper button so didn't close! Have a look at Accessorize's sale, they have some really nice purses. I went shopping again today and bought one, oops...


  5. Ooh, love these, and I have been wondering about the kit. But I am rubbish at painting my nails, so maybe I need to perfect that first!

    Annabel ♥
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  6. Thanks Annabel! I'm not too bad at painting my nails but I'm still not convinced about the kits! :)

  7. Oooo so cute!

  8. Such gorgeous yet simple nails! :)
    Lovely blog!


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  9. Thanks, that's lovely to hear :)


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