Monday, 8 December 2014

MAC 'Chatterbox' Lipstick | Review & Swatches

Excuse the monstrosity that is my hair and the fact that I am still in school uniform. There is literally a ten minute window when I get home from school when it is still light enough to take half decent photos before it all of a sudden becomes pitch black, like it is now while I write this, You can see as you scroll down the photos that they get progressively darker. It took many attempts over several days to get these photos looking somewhat acceptable.

I finally own a MAC lipstick! I have waited so long to be able to say that sentence, you have no idea. It feels so good to have just written it. I don't know why I never got round to buying one, considering how long I have been drooling over them. I think it is probably because there are so many shades that I struggled to be able to narrow it down to just one!

I am so unbelievably grateful to Catherine from The Beauty Trove for sending me this after I won it in her giveaway a little while back. I picked Chatterbox because it was one that she had reviewed on her blog before and it looked lovely on her. She has only reviewed a couple so it made it a lot easier to narrow it down! I would never have decided if I had just scrolled through all the shades on the MAC website. Although the colour does look a lot brighter on me than I expected, I absolutely adore it!

The pink colour of it is just so gorgeous, I don't even know how to describe it. It's one of those colours that could be worn day or night and as it is an amplified lipstick, the colour payoff is fab without being too overpowering and scary. It isn't too blue toned like many pink lipsticks can be, and that tone really doesn't suit me. I would say this would suit all skin tones, my mum loves it too! Could you call it a barbie pink? I guess it kind of is, but a little more subtle and wearable. The formula is lovely and feels so smooth of your lips, not drying in the slightest. Glossy and gorgeous, this is now my absolutely favourite lipstick! It has left me wanting more MAC lipsticks. Sorry, bank balance...


  1. Oh yay so glad you like it and it looks absolutely gorgeous on you :) x

  2. This looks lush! Might have to pick it up soon!



  3. Absolutely love the lipstick colour. Suits you. And I'm the same, it always takes me a million years to decide which coloured lipstick I want too, I'm very indecisive!

  4. Thank you! I know, there is just too many to choose from and I can't handle it haha!


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