Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift

If you are still looking for a present for a special someone - or you have just realised you forgot to buy a gift for a particular person - look no further! 

The Yankee Candle Christmas gift set is perfect for a woman - or man - of any age (although maybe not kids) because, seriously, who doesn't love a good candle? It comes with five votive samples inside festive red and white packaging.

This gift set contains:
- Mandarin Cranberry
- Christmas Cookie 
- Christmas Eve
- Sugared Apple
- Christmas Memories

I have had Christmas Cookie before and oh my god does it smell good enough to eat or what. I would actually go as far as saying it has the best fragrance I have ever found in a candle, it is that delicious. If it was food, I would eat it (I don't recommend eating a candle). 

Each votive has up to 15 hours of burning time, which is a decent amount since you have five. For something extra to put in with this set you could purchase a candle holder as this is the type that cannot be burned free-standing. It doesn't have an outer, it is simply wax, so it has to sit inside a jar of some sort. You can find these cheap on eBay, a local gift store or high street chain such as Primark.

Christmas is just round the corner so snap it up quick from Yankee Candle stockists!


  1. Ahh gotta love a Yankee Candle or 5 in this case haha. It is a great gift idea, I would be chuffed if someone bought me this for Christmas! x

  2. So would I, it's a great little present and doesn't even cost that much! x


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