Monday, 19 January 2015

A Blog Sale Buy: Collection Cream Puff 'Fairy Cake'

Collection Cream Puff - Fairy Cake

Don't judge. It was really pretty and only £1 on The Lovecats Inc beauty blog sale so I couldn't not get it (sorry, spending ban). These little matte lip creams have been on the go for a while, but they are just something which I never bothered trying. I'm not a huge fan of matte lips anyway, so that was probably the reason, but I really wish I had tried them sooner. I have missed out on months of lip cream perfection.

I never expected these to leave my lips feeling and looking so smooth! My lips are often in quite bad condition, especially during this awful wintry weather we have been having (which is not helping with my bad case of January blues), but this doesn't settle in to any cracks or emphasise dry, flaky patches like I thought it would. Fairy Cake is a very pretty coral pink colour which seems to really suit my skin tone (or at least I think it does). I would say that it is slightly more coral than the swatch above, it was really difficult to get the right lighting to properly show the true colour. Because it is matte, the colour lasts for ages on your lips - just as well, because it is just a dinky little tube so it wouldn't last long if you have to do lots of touch-ups. t's also very pigmented, so you don't need to apply a lot to get the full effect. And the smell...mmmm.

This comes in three more colours, Cotton Candy (pink), Powder Puff (nude) and Angel Delight (beige). Nude lips don't really suit me too much and I am thinking that a matte nude might look a little foundationy, but Cotton Candy sounds like it would be right up my street.

Have you tried the Collection Cream Puff's before?

- Holly

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