Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Well, it's official - 2014 is well and truly over. I am both sad and happy to see it go. Many amazing things happened throughout the year, including my trip of a lifetime to Nepal, but like any other year, it was filled with things I would much rather forget and some sad losses. But that is just life. There are things in life you just have to accept and deal with, no matter how difficult that may seem at the time.

I am fully prepared for this new year and I am ready for the changes that it will bring. My sister's second child is due in April and I will be visiting them in America in July, I am going on holiday with my friends to Malia in June, I have my last ever day at high school in May (I think it's May anyway, whenever study leave starts), I move away from home in Septemeber and begin at university (eek) and finally, at the very end of 2015, I will turn 18. What a year! I hope it is every bit as exciting as I am expecting it to be.

For it to be a good year, I need to put a few plans into place. In other words, some new year's resolutions.


Not stress so much about numbers - Yes, there are blogs which have been on the go for less time than mine but I need to stop comparing mine with them because they are different in many ways. Does it really matter how many followers or pageviews I have when I do have loyal readers who read and comment saying lovely things? No.

Get better at taking photographs - Despite just saying how I shouldn't be comparing my blog to others, my photos are very amateur and I feel like they let my blog down. I really need to get better at setting them up and making them really nice quality. I also need to remember to take a load of them on good lighting days because we all know how tricky it is to blog in periods of dull weather.

Have a schedule that I mostly stick to - I am really bad at blogging consistently and I really need to have a schedule with when I am going to put up a post and what it is going to be. I have been getting slightly better recently at jotting down blog post ideas and notes about what I want to say rather than just ramble on and on (like this post). 


Be more motivated when it comes to schoolwork - I can put up my hand and call myself guilty of leaving everything to the last minute because I think I have loads of time and then not really putting much effort in. Even though I already have my offers for university and I don't really need my exam results this year, I still want to do well in them just for personal achievement. If I can't learn how to be motivated at school just now, how will I cope at university? 

Be more sociable - Is this a weird resolution to have? I like my own company far too much and I need to make more of an effort at going out and enjoying myself. That is what being young is all about.

Get over my shyness, at least a little bit - With some major life changes ahead of me this year like going to university, I am going to be thrown straight in where I am most uncomfortable. I am going to be going off to a new city where I barely know anyone and doing a course where I know absolutely zero people. Similar to the last resolution, I need to not be so shy and try my best with all these new people because life would be pretty dire in a new place with no friends.

So, happy new year everyone and I hope it is filled with fun times for you all! Is there any major life changes or big events happening for you this coming year? 


  1. Happy new year!

    Great post. I'm all about making New Years resolutions too, my main goals are to write frequently and maintain my blog, begin a regular fitness routine, and to just live life confidently :).

  2. Happy new year! You have pretty similar resolutions to me then, let's hope we both keep them going all year!


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