Thursday, 29 January 2015

Snow Day

I think this may be the first every snow day I have had from school. Like, ever. I live on the coast so it is practically unheard of to get any snow at all, and now we have had it twice in one week (see Sunday Reflections #3)! This may not look like a lot of snow to you but it is loads for us! Well, this is a mixture of hailstones and snow (the biggest hailstones I have ever seen). It did actually snow for quite a while this morning, but by the time I ventured outside it had stopped. The weather isn't even that bad at the moment, no worse than what we usually get in January, but there was a lot of thunder and lightning through the night and around 8am this morning and do you know what that meant? A power cut in the school!

Just imagine my joy at finding out that school had been cancelled for the day. I was still in my pyjamas, greasy hair piled on top of my head because I was too lazy to wash it and half my makeup done (foundation and eyebrows are not a good look when that is all you have on). Being so tech-savvy, my school tweeted (yep, tweeted) that it was cancelled because of a power cut. Hallelujah. Best day of my life. It's a shame it's not tomorrow that this all happened actually because I have my first prelim then (i.e. mock exam) so I would quite like to miss that! Today has therefore become a study day/picture taking day for the blog/procrastinating day - my favourite kind.

How has your day been so far?



  1. In ways I am loving all this snow, but it's so cold in Ireland! x

  2. I'm a fan of the snow too, if only we could have snow and skip this whole really cold part! x


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