Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balms

The Body Shop is one of those places that I never really tend to go into unless there is a sale on, despite have a major appreciation for their bath and beauty offerings. My friend bought me this Born Lippy lip balm set for my birthday recently and I couldn't not write about it because there is something truly special here.

I haven't tried many of the makeup products that The Body Shop has to offer (I can tell you their eyeshadows cubes are fab though). I am a huge fan of their iconic body butters however, my favourite being Satsuma - mmmm.... I hadn't tried their lip balms before receiving this, despite how cheap and cheerful they are. 

There are five variations included in this set:-

Each comes in a pretty little pot with a colour coded sticker on the lid to match the shade. And, boy, are the colours pretty. Despite how bright the colours appear in the pot, the pigmentation is just as you would expect from a typical lip balm - just a hint of colour for a subtle look, but pretty nonetheless. Each shade is lovely and glossy, with the Satsuma one having a touch of added shimmer which creates a gorgeous effect when worn. The small size makes it the ultimate travel lip product for any occasion, and the £2 price makes it all the more appealing.

Colour and packaging aside, these are actually really great lip balms. They leave your lips feeling unbelievably smooth, a necessity after the cold weather we have been having which has been known to cause havoc to many people. Even after it has worn off, you still feel like your lips are super soft.

Moving on to my favourite thing about these little beauties - THEY ARE THE MOST INCREDIBLE SMELLING THINGS TO HAVE EVER GRACED MY NOSE. Oh wow, I can't get over how delicious they smell. You could honestly eat them. The passionberry one is my favourite fragrance out of all of them, it is very berryish and I just love it.

Have you ever tried The Body Shop lip balms?

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  1. Absolutely love the Born Lippy. I've only tried strawberry might have to pop out and buy some more. They definitely smell so yummy though x

  2. I've never tried these before or any make up that the Body Shop has to offer, but these sound amazing! Body Shop products always smell delicious, so I can imagine that these do too!

    Sammy xx

  3. The strawberry one is lovely! You should, especially when they are so cheap x

  4. They are amazing! These all smell delicious, there isn't one which I don't love the smell of! x


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