Friday, 9 January 2015

The Post-Christmas Spending Ban

I seriously suck at saving money. Like, I think it may be a disease. I just find it physically impossible to have any significant amount of cash either in my bank account or my purse. It's like it is actually painful for me to do so and therefore I must get rid of it at once. It's becoming a problem.

I have spent a fairly large amount of money over the past couple of months. Fair enough, it was Christmas and I had presents to buy. Then it was the sales and of course I can't let them pass me buy without nabbing anything. That said, there are lots of other little things I have been doing that have been bringing my bank balance down and down and down... There's the driving lessons which I have just started. There's the 'three books for £10' thing happening on Amazon. There's the free Beautyblender with the January birchbox (see here). There's the really pretty fairy lights that I saw in Dobbies. There's the photo frame with lots of spaces that I have wanted for ages to display my photos from my Nepal expedition. There's the mug with the 'H' on it which I just had to have - it basically had my name on it. There was The Lovecats Inc beauty blog sale. You see my problem?

If I thought I could actually stick to it, I would make it my new year's resolution to not spend money on things I don't need. In reality, I know that would never happen for a whole year. I would be lying to myself and all of you if I tried to say I would. However, I think a little mini spending ban is in order to see me through the next few months. I have a holiday to Malia with my friends in June to pay off, I have to save for going to America with my family in July, and then there is also the big one...

I start university in September.

With very little savings under my belt, I just know I am going to struggle at university. Not only will I have extra costs coming in which I have never had before as a result of living away from home, I also have the added temptation of living in a city full to the brim of pretty clothes and makeup counters. Oh, it is painful just thinking about it.

If anyone has any saving tips and tricks, they would be much appreciated. I sure do need all the help I can get.

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  1. I suck at saving too and it annoys me so much but i can't help but spend money.

    Good luck with the spending ban
    Natalie xx

  2. Neither can I, it just happens without me meaning it haha! Thanks!! xx

  3. I find that 'out of sight, out of mind' really helps me. I've got money saved in a box and hidden away so I forget about it. I'd also suggest online only bank accounts, where you can't have a debit card and can only get to the money via transfer. It makes it easier to save and you aren't tempted to spend when you're out and about, it also goes back to the 'out of sight, out of mind' too.

  4. I like the 'out of sight, out of mind' idea. I know that my money is there so I use it, so it would probably help me to put it away somewhere and not let myself near it. I also didn't realise you could do online only bank accounts, I may need to look into that! Thanks for the tips!


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