Monday, 16 March 2015

5 Things: Spring Nails

L-R: Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Dragon, Nails Inc South Molton Street, Rimmel 60 Seconds Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Sinful Colors Unicorn, Rimmel 60 Seconds Breakfast in Bed

Although it may not feel like it when you step outside and have to run back in for a scarf and gloves, it is pretty much spring time now and therefore time to break out the pastels. This is my favourite kind of nail polish to wear, especially pastel pinks. Barry M's 'Dragon' nail polish is my pink of choice at the moment (you can see it on my nails here) but I'm also loving 'Parade' by Nails Inc which is a much brighter, more coral offering. I think 'Breakfast in Bed' from the Rita Ora collection for Rimmel is next on my list for what I am wearing this spring!

What is your favourite spring nail colour?


  1. Ooh I really like the Nails Inc shade!
    This just reminded me that I need to sort my nails out as I have not painted them for about 2 months...oops.

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. Love the shades definitely perfect for spring :)

  3. Me too!
    Oh I don't know how you can do that, I can barely go 2 weeks!! xx

  4. Love pastel pinks and blues for spring. I've got Rimmel Breakfast in Bed too. All of these colours are pretty though x

  5. I love them too, they are perfect spring shades x

  6. Just found your blog and I love your writing style! :)
    Keep writing!


  7. I love Unicorn by Sinful Colors! What a pretty yellow :) My fave spring nail colors are pastels as well, I love pastel purples and blues :)

  8. These colours look so beautiful! Although australia is heading into Autumn it's hard not to see that the warm weather is still lingering around! Love your blog,

    Gina x


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