I've decided to open up some advertising space for any types of bloggers or small independent sellers (such as Etsy shops). Now I know I don't have the most popular blog out there with a huge amount of followers, but what I do have is a great range of loyal readers who always read and comment on my blog, and also a good amount of unique visitors just passing through. Because of this, I will be charging a veeeerrrry small amount for an advertising space. I will be able to put it towards giveaways and products to review, along with other things to improve my blog, and you will hopefully get something out of it too! This may or may not be a permanent thing or there may be slight changes, it depends on what the feedback is and how well it goes down.

Please email me at if you are interested in advertising, or if you would like any more information. Advertising will run from the first till the last day of each month. Payments should be made through Paypal.

Basic Stats (as of  9/5/2015)
All-time pageviews - 66,970+
Total blog followers - 580+
Total Twitter followers - 364+
Total Instagram followers - 154+

Other stats are available upon request.

The Packages:

Two available each month. First to book a spot gets top of the list. 
- A linked 275x200 blog button in my sidebar
- An individual #ff every Friday throughout the advertising period
- A mention at the bottom of every post
- Shoutout on Instagram
- A blogger interview on my blog OR a guest post (if you wish)

Three available each month.
- A linked 275x150 blog button in my sidebar
- Mention at the bottom of three posts in the month
- A group #ff every Friday throughout the advertising period (unless you are the only one and then you will get an individual one, obvs)

Three available each month
- A linked 275x150 blog button in my sidebar
- A group #ff every Friday throughout the advertising period

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